How to cancel an appointment

Appointments can be cancelled either by telephone on 01732 887210 or email kmicb.ent@nhs.net. Please, where possible, give at least 24 hours notice.

Who might I see?

For microsuction, the appointments are usually with our microsuction nurses.  All other appointments will be with one of our ENT clinicians.



Microsuction is a way of cleaning out your ear canal. It is performed without the need for sedation and can take up to 5 – 10 minutes.  The patient lies on a couch during which the clinician/microsuctionist “hoovers” the ear canal with special equipment.  A microscope provides an excellent view of the ear canal.  It provides good light, two hands free and allows any debris (wax/infected matter etc) to be removed safely.

The suction can be noisy but is not normally painful and if you suffer from Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) then it would be worth mentioning this to the clinician/microsuctionist first.

After the procedure is completed, patients can feel a little unsteady for a few seconds, this, however, settles spontaneously in everyone.


Nasendoscopy is a routine procedure performed in the clinic which takes a minute or two and is uncomfortable but not painful.  It is passed up the nose and down to the throat to allow the specialist a direct view of the start of the air and food passages.  It is a slightly “weird” feeling and can make your eyes water, but as no medication is required before or during the procedure, it does not have any effect on you and so you are safe to drive. Similarly as it is going up your nose rather than into your mouth, it does not make you gag/retch.

If you require further investigations e.g. MRI, CT or surgery , you will be referred to the appropriate hospital for the procedure by the ENT clinician.